Survey on Entrepreneurial and Research Activities of Members

About this Survey

Between Apr and Jun 2016, SingaporeConnect conducted a survey of its members via email and Facebook to get insights from founders of startup and researchers doing interesting things. Here is a summary of the 34 responses, including some rich and meaningful insights. Prepared by Mark Sin. [ Download as a PDF. ]

Describe Yourself: 

How many Startups have you started?


What is your startup?

  • Love With Food is a direct-to-consumer channel that provides CPG companies product intelligence data by using a smarter sampling process to capture consumer behavioral and sensory data in the offline world.
  • Pinterest search for offline products with a Get-it-now button. We're starting with food.

What was the biggest blocker for your startup?

  • Initially was being a solo founder but after 4 years, it's been growth, always looking to double to triple growth every year.
  • We've gotten to some sort of product market fit, on revenue and profitable, we're growing fast. But need to learn to network and raise capital to scale.

What is your biggest success with your startup?

  • Growing the company to a multi-million dollar in less than 4 years.
  • We were working on a mobile payment app that lets people pay using their phone without requiring any credit card. Users pay at the end of the month. We make money from late fees. We're handling over half a million dollars of credit entirely automated using machine learning.

What would you advise to those thinking of starting a startup?

  • It's much harder than you think and it takes a lot of sacrifices.
  • Learn how to build things people want.

What is your role?

Why did you decide to join this startup?

  • I'm the founder
  • Introduced to it by good friend
  • New stuff, exciting roles
  • I wanted to get a stronger view of startups ecosystem and funding environment.

What is most satisfying about working at a startup?

  • Working on the 2 things I'm most passionate about - technology and food
  • autonomy
  • all things are possible; no holds bar
  • My work revolves learning about startups, venture capital and markets.

What advice would you give to those thinking of working at a startup?

  • Only work in a startup if only you want to build a company from scratch and you can deal with bad news 24/7.
  • go for it!
  • have a rainy day fund
  • Just do it.

How long have you been thinking of starting a startup? 

What would you like to accomplish with your startup?

  • Take it international
  • Profitable Exit
  • get it sold or IPO
  • Create a new technology surrounding VR for mass production and all to enjoy.
  • Achieve competency in data roles
  • Solve a meaningful problem

What is the biggest thing you need to solve before you go ahead?

What is motivating you to work at a startup?

  • Want to feel I'm making a difference
  • bring a good idea to fruition
  • fun and exciting projects
  • Contributing to the greater good and developing something for all to use instead of a slect previliged to use.
  • Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

What's the biggest blocker from moving on to work at a startup?

  • No blocker, already doing it the last 4 years.
  • financial
  • $ and crazy hours
  • Funding is mainly the problem. I have the business team and professors and tech experts ready to start development.
  • Right team, Compensation

Describe what you do at the company

  • I'm the CEO - Chief Everything Officer
  • I focus on product, strategy and distribution.
  • Corporate development
  • BD
  • Investing in growth-stage venture capital and portfolio management (supporting all aspects of growing startups)
  • I will be managing the business and coming up with strategies in terms of sales/distribution and product development.
  • I'm a product definer and managing a team of engineers.
  • data analyst - build comps to benchmark data quality and use tools to increase data coverage
  • Product Management, Strategy

What would you recommend college students to do when embarking on their careers?

  • Learn how to code.
  • startup is a great place to start your career!
  • Do it
  • work hard, be creative, and be passionate about what you do. If you're dedicated to its success, it is rewarding regardless of the company/project's outcome.
  • To ask themselves if they actually enjoy what they are doing and if they can see themselves doing this when they are 40.
  • Work hard and learn as much as you can. Be friendly and personable.
  • do more internships before jumping into the workforce
  • Build breath of skills and experience early on to filter out what they like and don't like. Then dive deeper, honing on verticals that they enjoy, with the network of like-minded people
  • Pursue your passion. Balance work and life. Give your time generously to mentor juniors. Learn to communicate with clarity, collaborate with sincerity.

Describe what you're researching

  • n/a
  • new idea - stealth mode
  • VR
  • N.A. (working!)
  • Behavioral studies and how the brain/mind respond to the Media.
  • User behaviors

What is the most significant finding from your research?

  • n/a
  • can't say right now
  • N.A. (working!)
  • The human brain can be trained really quickly and with the birth of VR, we need to ensure that the industry is training our minds efficiently.
  • Clarity of needs and willingness to adopt/pay

Any other comments?

  • Would like to take Love With Food to Singapore one day.
  • check us out at
  • I mentor 5 students and advice handful of startups, I'd love to share my perspectives, connect, learn from others with similar motivations


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