Singapore Community Day 2015 Emails Sent


We're absolutely delighted that you have registered to attend the first ever Singapore Community Day in the SF Bay Area.

"By the Community, For the Community", has been our theme, and we're honoured that you're choosing to spend Feb 28 with us and over 480 fellow Singaporeans, PRs, and their families from not just all over California, but also from Texas, Florida, Washington, Illinois, and New Jersey.

We have a small favour to ask for your contribution. Photos.

There will be a photo exhibit at the event, and whilst we've thought of having photos of Singapore there, we really would like to make this exhibit your exhibit. If every one of you were to send just one photo, that reminds of you of Singapore, it would help us make a collage that will uniquely and indelibly be part of your mark to the event.

Be creative! It could be a flower. A bus ticket. A toy. A school badge. A building. An occasion. A celebration. A game. A poster. 

To send your photos, please email them to:

Please be reasonable, of course. Nothing offensive, copyrighted, and that sort.

You can include as many as you wish, but we promise to use at least one photo from every sender in the collage.

Thank you.

Mark Sin
on behalf of the
SingaporeConnect Committee, co-organisers of the event together with the Overseas Singaporean Unit. 

We're excited!

Bring lots of energy, enthusiasm, and be ready to eat!

Directions to Saratoga Springs:

What to Bring

Consider picnic mats so you can sit on the field (it’s artificial turf).

The current weather forecast for this Saturday is cloudy, 13 to 18 °C, with chance of rain in the afternoon - we hope it doesn’t rain, but you might like to bring a cap, poncho, or umbrella. (heh, aside from the temperature, doesn't it sound like Singapore too?)

What to not bring

We would like everyone to enjoy a family-friendly, safe and secure environment. Please no weapons, glass bottles, or alcohol. The venue, Saratoga Springs, has a strict NO PETS policy.


To expedite check-in, please have your ticket with the 2D or QR-like barcode visible, either on paper or mobile phone, for all attendees in your party.

Our admissions volunteers will scan these using iPhones/iPads. If you don’t have the e-ticket barcode, we can search by name. By the way, with over 800 attendees, it happens that some of you actually have the same first and last name. Maybe you'll run into your buddy there!

Facebook Page

More info about the programme, map, directions, and what you can see and do. Feel free to join, and post about your day’s experience!


We'll be tweeting updates using the #iamsingaporean hashtag.

You're part of something special

The SingaporeConnect organising committee has been so overjoyed to be joined by the breathless enthusiasm of our many member volunteers, students from Stanford, Berkeley, De Anza College, and the NUS Overseas College: numbering well over 50! We are grateful to our many sponsors, many of them our members as well - small business owners in the SF Bay Area, including Kopitiam Cafe, Hyper (Sanho), Love With Food and Shiok Kitchen. Large home-grown companies like Singapore Airlines, Razer, Khong Guan, and Prima Taste will also be amongst those sponsoring attractive prizes or merchandise for your takeaway. We're also benefiting from local businesses like the Marriott San Mateo San Francisco Airport Hotel, Blossom Salon, and Houlihan's. 

This is history in the making. The first ever live orchestra (BAYMS) playing the National Anthem in the Bay Area. Singapore singer talent Ng Chee Yang performing here in SF with his accomplished pianist Renee Ong. Even a combined Lion and Dragon Dance performance. A joint SingaporeConnect-OSU partnership like no other.

Please understand

This event is for Singapore Citizens, PRs, and their immediate families, unless an exemption was given otherwise.

The Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU), as you can see from the name, is a unit from the Prime Minister’s Office that supports and engages with activities of overseas Singaporeans and their families. It is not a tourism unit that seeks to promote Singapore’s culture to all. SingaporeConnect, a social club in the SF Bay Area for anyone who is interested to hang out with Singaporeans, is completely open to non-Singaporean members. However, as we are organising this event together with OSU, we will have to limit the event eligibility to Singaporeans and PRs. A very limited number of exemptions were made where justified.

We seek your co-operation to comply with the OSU’s mandate. We have chosen to enforce as well as can, while keeping our admissions process smooth and pleasant. Please understand if we have to ask you to verify certain bits of information in order to satisfy the mandate. If you are uncertain about whether you or certain members of your party fit the eligibility, please inquire. We will gladly process refunds without inquiring further. We have a huge waitlist.

What is SingaporeConnect?

#1: SingaporeConnect is not Contact Singapore. We're a social club in the SF Bay Area, co-organising this event with the Overseas Singaporean Unit. Events are much more fun when you participate in the making of. Join us!

To find out more, watch our video trailer:

Check out our Youtube channel:

Sign up for our mailing list from on web site:

Many of you may are aware that the weather forecast for today is a moderate chance of showers, albeit with low precipitation levels.

We have taken this into account and while the place is open to the sky, there are extra canopies in the grounds for you to take cover in case. If the rain does get heavy, please consider "women and children first" and let those with strollers and toddlers as well as young children to have priority for the canopies (they are like tents without walls).

We will be flexible with the programme and may slide things back and forth by 15 minutes weather depending. This may include starting the programme earlier if it is not raining. You should also bank in extra time to get to the venue, as it is up a single lane twisty mountain road and whilst there is plenty of parking, it is all accessed via a single lane and you may have to walk a considerable distance (about 100 m) from the parking lot to the entrance. Please plan to arrive by 10:45 am.

The route to the parking lot will swing you right past the entrance to the event. We do prefer that families check in as one unit but you may drop off say everyone but the driver at the entrance, then meet up and check in together.
Please dress warmly. The predicted ambient temperature is a high of 15 C with a humidity of 88%, which will feel chilly out in the open. But we have plenty of games and the IPPT stations for you to warm up and of course there's Kopitiam Cafe sponsoring Teh Tarik and Kopi! (subject to availability)

Thanks and we look forward just as much as we hope you do to the first ever Singapore Community Day in the SF Bay Area! It will be shiok!


At SingaporeConnect, we've spent months working on the first ever Singapore Community Day in the SF Bay Area. We are really interested to hear your feedback. To help show our appreciation, please fill this survey in full for a chance to win a $50 Merlion food voucher and a $50 Apple Store gift card. This survey is being hosted by SingaporeConnect only, and aggregate responses will be shared with the OSU at our discretion.


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