Contact Singapore An agency of the Ministry of Manpower and the Economic Development Board to draw people from around the world, including overseas Singaporeans, to work and study in Singapore. Contact Singapore has North American offices in Redwood City and New York/Boston. They regularly hold events all over North America, show up at events where they can meet people who potentially may be interested in Singapore, and also sponsor (or partly sponsor) events that are of relevance to spreading their mission. Contact Singapore has generously sponsored a number of SingaporeConnect events in the past, including the Networking Luncheon and the Lunar New Year Dinners. In general, SingaporeConnect will broadcast relevant Contact Singapore events to our members.
Overseas Singaporean Unit Handled by the Prime Minister's Office, the Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) seeks to stay in touch with overseas Singaporeans via a combination of events, newsletters, and a portal website ( You can also keep in touch with the OSU Liaison in the Bay Area on this Facebook page ( It’s also a place to get updates of upcoming events, news & relevant announcements for Singaporeans in the USA. They aim to bind the community together and keep them updated with happenings in Singapore as well as with the other overseas Singaporeans around the world. OSU has an office in New York City, and they will be opening an office in Redwood City later this year, to better serve the Singaporean community on the West Coast. OSU's web site, has a "OS Club Membership" (a card that can give discounts at some outlets in Singapore and abroad), a newsletter called Touch Point, and a set of links to useful web sites for overseas Singaporeans. In the Bay, the two main events OSU shows up at are SG Buzz: where they bring in entertainers, and the Distinguished Business Leader (DBL) series: where they bring in CEOs and the like. OSU also sponsors relevant events that bring together overseas Singaporeans. In general, SingaporeConnect will broadcast relevant OSU events to our members. These events are for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and their immediate family members only. OSU Events Page
Consulate-General of Singapore in San Francisco The Consulate-General (CG) is a mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to provide consular services (i.e. for Singaporeans, passport renewal and collection, for non-Singaporeans, visas for visiting Singapore for work, study, or tourism) as well as Government assistance to Singaporeans in the US who have a valid emergency. 
E-Register your overseas travel
You may inform the MFA of your stay abroad (whether for work, study, or tourism) via the E-Register. This will provide them with information on overseas Singaporeans should there be a need to try contact and help them in event of an emergency or disaster.
The CG also has a mailing list for their events. These have included visits by Ministers. A popular event each year is the National Day Celebration. To ensure you don't miss out of these great events, SingaporeConnect will broadcast relevant bulletins and events by the CG to our members.
Other Overseas Singaporean Organisations Moving to another city abroad? Helping a friend find an Overseas Singaporean Club (like SingaporeConnect) in another city? The OSU maintains a list of Overseas Singaporean Clubs: some are based out of universities while others are for general members, like SingaporeConnect.
NUSEA The National University of Singapore Entrepreneurs' Association (NUSEA) is a student group for the set of students in Silicon Valley doing a work/study programme with startups in the Bay Area/Stanford University. The programme is under the management of the NOC (NUS Overseas Colleges). These undergraduate students, about 35-40 a year, come to the Bay Area in batches every 6 months, and are typically in their 3rd, or Junior, of college. SingaporeConnect warmly invites all NUSEA students, regardless of nationality, to our events, and together we have co-organised several events in the past, from Entrepreneurship functions to Chinese New Year dinners. NUSEA events are often cross-publicised to SingaporeConnect members.
SABA The Singapore America Business Association (SABA) aims to link business professionals and executives between the Bay Area and Singapore. Its members include a range of Singaporean business leaders and entrepreneurs, and activities range from golf networking sessions to business seminars. SABA has also co-organised several events with SingaporeConnect, including Lunar New Year dinners and National Day celebrations. SingaporeConnect will cross-publicise SABA events that we feel are of interest to our members.
IPA The Indonesian Professionals Association is a little like SingaporeConnect and SABA combined. The majority of the members are Indonesian but they are open to all. They hold a variety of social and professional events in the Bay Area. IPA has co-organised events with SingaporeConnect, including Lunar New Year dinners and Sports Days. SingaporeConnect will cross-publicise IPA events we feel are of interest to our members. 
MPBA The Malaysian Professional Business Association is like IPA, but for Malaysians. MPBA has co-organised events with SingaporeConnect, including Happy Hour mixers. SingaporeConnect will cross-publicise MPBA events we feel are of interest to our members.

The San Francisco Bay Area Malaysian and Singaporean group is an open group for Malaysians, Singaporeans, and Indonesians to discuss issues on their forum. They also have a mailing list (sign in to the forums and you can choose to view it online or with emails) where members can share upcoming lunch/dinner parties, activities, and get-togethers. 
SCNC The Singapore Club of Northern California is an Overseas Singaporean Club like SingaporeConnect. They have a range of events like Lunar New Year dinner, Crab Ciopinno, National Day Celebrations, and Mooncake Festival. Their events are more pre-dominantly in the SF/Northern East Bay region than in the San Jose/South Bay region. SCNC is older than SingaporeConnect; it was founded in 1982, thus a number of SingaporeConnect members have had an association with SCNC as well.
Bay Area Tech Singaporeans A network of Singaporean tech professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and venture capitalists residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.
BAPS The Burmese American Professionals Society is rather like IPA or MPBA, but for those with roots in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. SingaporeConnect co-organised the ASEAN Sports Day event with BAPS.
NTU-AA The NTU Alumni Association USA-West is for Nanyang Technological University of Singapore alumni to gather for activities in the Bay Area. SingaporeConnect and NTU-AA have helped NTU with an "Techno-preneurship" event.


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