2012 Survey on Best Restaurants in the Bay Area

Where should you eat tonight?

The 2012 Survey on the best restaurants in the Bay Area garnered 39 responses. The first question was, how many times have you visited a particular restaurant? A restaurant with more "Many" votes than "Once" votes is probably worth going back to. As seen in the chart below, Banana Leaf, Kopitiam Cafe, Shiok, Bay Leaf, and Layang (both locations: De Anza Cupertino and Milpitas) have a high share of repeat visitors. Straits Restaurant (all 3 locations) seems notable in having quite a few who have gone once, but not gone back. Merlion rounds up the list, the rest seem to be sampled by less than a third of the respondents.
I feel like Singaporean tonight.

The next question is, what's the best Singaporean Restaurant? Shiok Singapore Kitchen, Banana Leaf, Kopitiam Cafe and Layang Layang (Cupertino location) take the lion's share of the vote. 

Best Malaysian?

It's clearly Layang Layang, closely followed by Banana Leaf. Kopitiam Cafe and Shiok make a strong showing as well.

Low and slow, let's have Indonesian.

And finally, down south, we have Indonesia. The best restaurant with a whoping 50% share is Bay Leaf.

I'm craving for ...

On to the details, what about the best for each particular dish?

Dish Restaurant
Roti Prata Kopitiam Cafe
Roti Canai Layang Layang
Murtabak N/A
Satay Shiok
Poh Piah Shiok
Rojak N/A
Chicken Rice Shiok/Merlion/Layang tie
Curry Chicken Kopitiam/Shiok tie
Mee Goreng Layang Layang
Mee Siam Shiok
Chow Kueh Teow Shiok
Hokkien Mee Shiok
Seafood Hor Fun Shiok
Nasi Lemak Kopitiam Cafe
Laksa Kopitiam Cafe
Chilli Crab Merlion/Shiok tie
Beef Rendang Shiok
Kangkung Belacan Banana Leaf/Bay Leaf
Kopi Kopitiam Cafe (overwhemingly)
Kaya Kopitiam Cafe (overwhemingly)

It looks like Shiok is slightly in the lead with the most number of bests, with Layang Layang and Kopitiam Cafe close behind. Layang Layang does have two locations though, so some responses were split between them. An N/A indicates no or too few votes (less than two) were cast to warrant a winner. It sounds like there is a market opportunity for someone to introduce a good rojak.

Disagree? Vote now!

The survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VTR7GX9 
is still live. If you have an opinion, go over and vote. We will update at the end of 2012. It will help everyone when it comes to deciding where to get the best of food.


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