Crowdfunding for events

Dear members,

Alludes to the sources of funding for SingaporeConnect events.
The costs of holding an event vs. the costs people have told us that they are willing to hold an event, are like airline ticket pricing, where he majority of passengers pay less than the cost of the flight, but the airline still breaks even thanks to some customers who pay higher prices. Fortunately, for events, we know that some people are willing to pay those higher prices. We believe that say 30% of the people will only attend if the ticket price is less than the cost of the event, maybe 50% are ok with the cost of the event, the remainder may be willing to pay more than the cost, to see the event happen. 
We have observed a phenomena of crowdfunding of ideas (essentially a website which asks for pre-funding towards an event goal) and wonder if it can be used towards a specific event. For example, let’s say we want to hold a hawker food festival, which was the top most wanted event in our recent event survey.
We do know of another South-East Asian club in the Bay Area who is going to hold such a festival. Should we join them? We could put up a hawker stall - which means we will need people who can cook and the relevant equipment. We could get volunteers to cook, but there are still costs like buying the ingredients. 
Well, these are just some thoughts. Do you have any suggestions on making events more do-able by giving the organisers a greater capability to kickstart the event? 
You may make comments on our Facebook page or on our web site forum:

If you send out an email for the kind of help you need for each event, I will chip in based on my availibility.
Please consider having some events in San Francisco. Most events seem to be in the South Bay or peninsula.


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