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Lunar New Year Celebration Lunch tomorrow

E-mail sent by Singapore, Friday, February 22nd, 2013 @ 2:37pm


Chances are most of you have decided not to go to the Lunar New Year Celebration Lunch tomorrow. For those of you who have, no worries, we look forward to a great event, with the lion dance, the work we've put in to decorate the place, and welcome you all.

One thing you won't be short of will be food. We have at present 59 registered but we've already ordered food for 120. This places us in an interesting and costly conundrum. The amount from the registration fees for 59 won't cover food for 120. (it requires about 110 tickets to cover the costs of the event). 

We hope you already understand why this event is different from past ones, as explained in a prior email. We imagine each of you have good reasons for declining, whether for schedule, cost, location, interest, food, or other concerns. Every event brings their set of challenges and one must always remember to try the best at each and hope to exceed our expectations. 

So where does this leave us for trying hard, but still falling a little short?

First, if you were sitting on the fence about signing up, do come join the 59 who will be there. Your contribution will be even more greatly appreciated in this time and help us celebrate the event in a bigger fashion. Sign-ups will be taken at the door too.

Or if you know someone who might be interested, let them know.

For those coming tomorrow, you might want to consider taking some containers to bring back the extra food, and have a plan to share it with those in need.

Happy New Year!

NTC Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum

  • Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at 1:30pm - 5pm
    Location: HP Auditorium, Palo Alto, Building 20A. 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304

    Finding the Next BIG thing!

    After the transformation of many economies in…

Volunteer for the Lunar New Year Luncheon (2/23/13)

E-mail sent by Singapore, Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 @ 8:59am

Hello All, 


The organising committee for the Lunar New Year Luncheon has created a signup sheet for volunteers. Please click on the link below if you are interested in helping out in the event. You do not need to register for an account to sign up. It is simple and hassle-free. We really appreciate any help that you may offer. Feel free to forward this to those that  you think may be interested. Here's explanations for some of the roles.

  1. Registration - check in the guest based on the guest lists. 
  2. Host / Hostess - direct guests to their assigned tables
  3. Decorators - come up with simple and inexpensive ideas. Please work with us as we have acquired some materials from Daiso.

The signup is:

Please contact us if you have any questions.



A Seminar on "Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World"

  • Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 4pm - 5:30pm
    Location: 223 Moses Hall. UC Berkeley

    The Berkeley Institute of International Studies is having a series starting with distinguished…

A Seminar: The Great Convergence: Asia, the West, and the Logic of One World

  • Monday, February 25th, 2013 at 12pm - 1:30pm
    Location: Stanford University

    Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani will be coming to the Bay Area later this month to launch his new…

Berkeley-Haas Asia Business Conference 2013

  • Saturday, March 16th, 2013 at 9am - 5pm
    Location: Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley

    From the organisers:

    We would like to invite you to attend the Berkeley-Haas Asia…

Lunar New Year Celebration Lunch

  • Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at 11:30am - 2pm
    Location: Merlion Restaurant, 19628 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino

    Photos are at:
    2013-2: Lunar New Year Celebration Lunch


Lunar New Year Celebration Lunch - 2/23/13

E-mail sent by Singapore, Thursday, January 31st, 2013 @ 10:29pm

Dear Members,

Let's get together for the Year of the Snake!

SingaporeConnect Lunar New Year Celebration Lunch
Feb 23, 2013 (Saturday)
12 pm - 3 pm 

Lion Dance Show
Yu Sheng Toss
Singaporean-themed Food

Merlion Cupertino
19628 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Details and registration info to come this weekend.

Looking for a LNY event organiser (you will have volunteer helpers already)

E-mail sent by Singapore, Thursday, January 24th, 2013 @ 11:14pm


As you may have seen from an email sent 12 days ago, we are trying to do this year's Lunar New Year event with a different set of people than last year's. (basically the ones last year are too busy or tired to organise one this year.)

In our efforts to canvass support, we have 3 volunteers who are keen to help, but none of them would like to be in the "lead organiser" role to drive and coordinate the various tasks to organise this event.

Can you do it? You can read below for the "why and how". Hope to hear from someone - as we are sure there will be interest in our membership to gather together to celebrate the Lunar New Year.


On Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 1:36 AM, Singapore Connect wrote:

Dear Members,

This year's Lunar New Year will be on Sunday, Feb 10, 2013.

Possible dates for an celebration event will be Saturday Feb 16, or Feb 23.

We require volunteers to come forth to help organise the event. The current leadership has organised a few Lunar New Year events so far and are relatively less interested in organising it again. "Been there, done that". We would prefer to use our time and energy towards new and unique events.

It is always fun for new people to give it a go at organising an event as they will have more interest to give it a not just a good try, but put in great effort to make it an event to remember.

To help in the preparation, we have a fair bit of documents, i.e. contacts for Lion Dance troupes, contact for Yu Sheng vendor, list of restaurants that can be possible venues, sponsors that can be approached, evaluations of restaurants visited, menus (for food), financial budget, scripts for MC, presentations used for the slide show, description of roles for other coordinators (i.e. A/V, event setup), description of decorations and games, videos of Lunar New Year celebrations, poster, and brochures (for tables). We will be glad to share this collateral with the organising committee, which should greatly speed up in answering any uncertainties and offer a starting point for planning. We can sit in on the conference calls, emails, and discussions for the event if requested.

For event ticketing, we have our own system on the web site which can handle credit-card based payment and provide tickets and registration lists. You won't have to solve that problem. Table seating assignments (striking a balance between flexibility and orderliness) however is a rather interesting challenge: you are welcome to find your own approach to this too! We generally will fill up at least 120 seats with a high probability of a sell-out situation just prior to the event.

In the past, we've used various tools for collaboration. For example, setting up a wiki with the ability to upload documents generally works. Google Docs can provide a space for shared document editing too. FreeConferenceCall type services provide for multi-party telephone conference; alternatively there are multi-party chat services too. Working on an event like this can be a wonderful opportunity to try out these various collaborative tools, many of which have origins in the Bay Area or may even be from startups you personally know!

To give you an idea of the time involvement, if divided among around 3 chief organisers and 3 sub-coordinators, there will be about 15-30 hours of pre-event prep work for the organisers and 2-5 hours for each of the sub-coordinators. The variables time-wise will be looking for sponsors and around how much design work one wants to put into the programme (i.e. come up with skits, performances, musical videos, games), artwork for the menu, and so on. The event itself should be around 2.5 hours, of which the organisers may spend an additional 2.5 hours on pre-event prep and post-event wrap-up.

The Lunar New Year event is typically co-organised with other organisations. Those whom we have co-organised with in the past include NUSEA (National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Association), SABA (Singapore America Business Association), IPA (Indonesian Professional's Association), and MITCNC (MIT Club of Northern California). We have received interest from IPA and MITCNC in doing another event this year and will be glad to put the organiser in contact with their respective organisers. It is also possible to engage with say S@S (Singaporeans at Stanford), for example.

Please reply by email if you would be interested to help organise the event or have more questions about the event, roles, or would like to browse the available collateral. We think it will be a great opportunity for someone who is innately interested to give it a shot at organising what should be a popular event. It is really way more fun to work with a group of people passionate about making an event happen, than doing it again another year, so we hope to put together a team of enthusiastic event organisers.

Happy New Year!


on behalf of the

SingaporeConnect Committee


  • Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at 5:30pm - 10pm
    Location: China Stix Restaurant

    This event has sold out. If you are still interested, you may contact MPBA directly to see if…

Contact Singapore Career Fair 1/5/13 (Singapore)

E-mail sent by Singapore, Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 @ 10:45am

Happy Holidays. If you're a Singaporean student studying in the US, or have worked in the US for one to two years, and are in Singapore for the holidays, and are interested in exploring career prospects in Singapore, there's a job fair coming up on 1/5/13:

The OSU Overseas Voices Survey

E-mail sent by Singapore, Monday, November 26th, 2012 @ 5:24pm


OSU has asked if we could help publicise the survey they are holding. It is rather long, but it is pretty well-written having taken into account a lot of the concerns of overseas Singaporeans.

There's always been this underlying talk about whether OSU could bring more events to the SF Bay Area, like help hold a "Singapore Day" type event, or fund more events from clubs such as SingaporeConnect. One issue OSU faces is having an idea of where, how many, and what overseas Singaporeans would like them to do. 

We know surveys rarely get a full response from those who are reached out to, for a variety of reasons. This is also a pretty long survey to chug through, 30 minutes is probably optimistic. But we hope you can give it a go, to help support SingaporeConnect's mission in the Bay Area as well.
Here is their message. 


Dear fellow Singaporean,

You are utmost in our minds as we seek to serve you better while you’re abroad. The Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) would like to have your views so that we can effectively engage and support you better while you are away from home.

You may have already received your personalised URL link to the Overseas Singaporean Survey from IPSOS, our appointed research consultant.

Please bear with us if you have already received a similar message, we want to ensure that all overseas Singaporeans feel that they have been reached out to.

If you have participated in the survey, we thank you and appreciate your effort in doing so.

If you have not or did not receive the email and would like to participate in the survey, please access this URL - This survey, conducted from now until 8 December, would take about 30 minutes to complete.

We would also like to ask for your help in spreading the word to your other overseas Singaporean friends, who may not already be on our mailing list and share this email with them.

All information gathered would be kept strictly confidential and anonymous, and used only for research purposes.

Should you experience any technical difficulties or have queries regarding the survey, we are here to assist you:

·         For queries regarding this survey, please contact Ms Stella Koh from OSU at

·         For technical-related issues or assistance on using this survey form, please contact Mr Rolando Centeno Chua, Research Manager, IPSOS at

Thank you for your time and Happy Holidays.

Best regards

Alberenee Sim

Overseas Singaporean Liaison

Overseas Singaporean Unit


SG Buzz: Mr Tai Lee Siang

  • Friday, November 16th, 2012 at 6:30pm - 9:30pm
    Location: Inspire Room, Mezzanine Floor, Marriott San Mateo Hotel


    • 4 people attended

MPBA Deepavali Celebration

  • Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 12pm - 1:30pm
    Location: Bombay Garden, 3701 El Camino Real, Santa Clara

    The Malaysian Professional…


E-mail sent by Singapore, Monday, October 29th, 2012 @ 7:06am


Is anyone hosting an event to celebrate Deepavali? We have an offer from OSU to send some items over which can be used to help with the decorations for your event.

These include:

(i)        Floor decal sticker (adhesive)

(ii)       Decorative hanging streamers

(iii)    Tattoo stickers

(iv)    Origami paper with instruction sheet

(v)     Envelope carrier, with flap and strings to hold the items

Please let us know and we'll get back to you to help arrange the delivery. Thanks.

9/11/12: CINA Winter Conference Event: Mobile Opportunity

E-mail sent by Singapore, Monday, October 29th, 2012 @ 6:17am

Dear members, 

CINA has graciously offered 6 guest tickets to the CINA
 Winter Conference.
Please. register via the link below, using the prmotional code, 

Registration link:

CINA Winter Conference

Mobile Opportunity - At the Intersection of Web, Entertainment and Cloud Computing


Venue: Computer History Museum, 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA

Nov. 9, 2012. Program: 12:00pm - 6:30pm, Reception: 6:30pm - 8:00pm




About the Conference


As Mobile technology evolves, tremendous business opportunities will emerge. The growing consensus is that our current cabled, PC-centric computing will soon be replaced by an untethered world of smart phones and tablets providing computing, on the go. The mobile network we all envision will be much more flexible, powerful and easier to use than today's wired Internet, but with the added benefit that people can use it anywhere, anytime, with much greater variety of devices.


Conference Agenda


12:00pm – 01:00pm

Registration and Social Networking

01:00pm – 01:05pm

Opening Remarks : Vicki Young , President of CINA; Richard Dasher, PhD, Stanford University

01:05pm – 01:30pm

Opening Keynote:  Tom Powledge, Vice President of Product Delivery, SMB and .Cloud, Symantec

01:30pm – 02:15pm

Session: How will Mobile Accelerate Business and Social Media Success?
Scott Chou (Moderator), General Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners and Michigan eLab
Timothy Tuttle, PhD, CEO and Founder, Expect Labs

Stephen Lee, Head of New Ventures at Skype
Andrew Hoag,  CEO and Founder,  Urbantag

02:15pm – 03:00pm

Session: How will Mobile Gamification and Gaming Encourage User Participation and Engagement? 
Margaret Wallace (Moderator), CEO and Co-Founder, Playmatics
Damon Grow, CEO and Co-Founder, CrowdMob Inc.
Ivan Lee, CEO and Co-Founder, Loki Studios
Kai Huang, CEO and Co-Founder, RedOctane; Founder of Guitar Hero
Janos Barnero, Co-CreatorFoldIt Project at the University of Washington

03:00pm – 03:30pm

Coffee Break

03:30pm – 04:15pm

Session: Future of Mobile Innovation and Investment Landscaping
Doug Park (Moderator), Partner, Rimon, P.C
Ryan Floyd, Founding General Partner, Storm Ventures
Steve Payne, Founding Partner, Architect Partners
·      Jay Eum, Founding Partner, TransLink Capital 
      Jai Choi, Founding Partner, Tekton Ventures   | Venture Partner, Partech Ventures

04:15pm – 05:00pm

Session: Future of Branding -- What it means to Mobile Commerce & Security
Ken Elefant (Moderator), Director, Intel Capital
Justin Yoshimura, CEO and Co-Founder, 500 Friends
·       Hemma Prafullchandra, CTO and Senior Vice President, HyTrust      
Aseem Asthana, VP of Product Management, Celestix Networks  

05:00pm – 05:45pm

Session: Role of Mobile at the Next-Gen of Cloud Innovation
Timothy Chou, PhD, (Moderator),  Lecturer, Stanford and Tsinghua University
Laura Yecies, CEO, SugarSync
Vince Vasquez, CEO and Founder, Cloudbook
Greg Chase, Senior Director, Marketing - Cloud Solutions, SAP
Wen Yu,  Senior Architecture,  Nimble Storage

06:10pm -06:30pm

Rising Star CEOs
Judge: Carol Sands, Managing Member, Angel's Forum

06:30pm -08:00pm

Reception: Top three winners announcement


Who Should Attend?


Business professionals, decision makers from high-tech companies and enterprises, including CEOs, VPs, Directors and Managers of Marketing, Sales and Business Development, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Investment Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Engineers, Individuals seeking career change and other Service Providers would find this conference very beneficial.


What Does this Conference Offer?


This conference provides excellent informative discussions on mobile and cloud computing. It is also a great environment for networking among industry leaders, decision makers, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs from both US and China. It will provide insight to future mobile  technology developments and business trends. The panel discussions will focus on business ecosystems in the mobile opportunity, cross border business/marketing strategies, as well as the investment landscape both in US and China.



About CINA


CINA, a prominent non-profit professional organization in Silicon Valley, provides its 20,000+ members high quality seminars, workshops, mentor programs, annual conferences, and networking events. CINA brings together a diverse group of professionals, consisting of not only Chinese but also people from different ethnicities and backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a forum facilitating engineers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, angel investors and venture capitalists to share innovative ideas, and to connect with opportunities.


11/16/12 SG Buzz SF Mr Tai Lee Siang, Ong & Ong Pte Ltd @ Marriott San Mateo

E-mail sent by Singapore, Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 @ 6:16pm

To our Singaporean Members,

There is an OSU event on Friday 11/16 at Marriott San Mateo. They are bringing an architect in for a chat and your participation is greatly appreciated. Join us for an enriching evening. If you are interested, please register at OSU's web site: (SG) Buzz San Francisco.





Dear Fellow Singaporean,

So what’s the buzz all about? Come and find out for yourself!

Singapore is becoming a global hub for a wide range of industries. Through the Singapore (SG) Buzz series, the Overseas Singaporean Unit brings you luminaries from diverse fields and professions, so that you can stay plugged in to what is happening back home.

Join us for an insightful and inspiring evening in San Francisco with Mr Tai Lee Siang, the Group Managing Director of Ong & Ong Pte Ltd, a multi-discipline consultancy firm that provides 360º solutions encompassing Urban Planning, Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design. Mr Tai is also the Chairman of the Campus Planning Committee for the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

On the sustainability front, Mr Tai was appointed as Chairman of REACH, Environmental Sustainability Committee in 2008 - a committee to provide feedback to the Inter-Ministry Committee on Sustainability Development. In March 2012, he was elected President of the Singapore Green Building Council, a key body for the promotion and advocacy of Green Buildings in Singapore.

This is indeed a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with Mr Tai. Be inspired and hear his personal views and insights. Join us for an evening of networking and reconnecting with fellow Singaporeans.

Dinner will be served at this event. Help us spread the word amongst your Singaporean friends!


Details of event

Date: 16 November 2012, Friday

Time: 6:30pm (Guest registration begins)

Venue: Inspire Room, Mezzanine Floor, Marriott San Mateo Hotel

Address: 1770 South Amphlett Boulevard, San Mateo, CA 94402, USA

For more information and/or to register, please go to (SG) Buzz San Francisco.


A forum for you to provide your views

E-mail sent by Singapore, Monday, October 15th, 2012 @ 8:56pm

Dear Members,

Some of you may have recently received an email like this from the OSU:
We seek your feedback on an important topic that will affect every Singaporean. As you may be aware, Singapore is facing the twin problem of low birth rates and an ageing population. The National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) is examining Singapore's population policies so that we can build a sustainable population that strengthens our social cohesion, while providing a good living environment for our people, and maintaining our economic vitality

There are issues that may resonate with you such as foreign-born spouses, conducive environment for marriage and parenthood, social integration, quality living environment, career opportunities, etc. You may have valuable experiences in your city of residence and could share your views with us. 

Please contribute your views at and play a part in shaping the future of Singapore.
Some of you may have already provided feedback, which is great, but we were wondering if it might be possible to get more feedback to OSU.

So, we were thinking to help provide feedback, we could get together in a makan-feedback session and compose a report for OSU. However, we did not get around to doing so before the Oct 31 deadline for the feedback. So, we are going to give this virtual townhall discussion a try.
One of the reasons for doing so as a group effort was to anonymise the feedback, which we thought might be a bit of a blocker for some of you out there. We thought of eliminating that possible barrier, whilst still confirming to some degree, that they are bona fide.

We would still like to provide you the opportunity to provide your views. In addition, having these views presented on a semi-closed forum (closed to SingaporeConnect members only) gives you a way to see what other people's views are on those questions. 

We have created an account on the SingaporeConnect web site, where you can use to log in to the site, to post on the forum part of the site, your views. We will then look at the feedback and present them as from SingaporeConnect members.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

1) Take a look at that site. There are three main articles:
1.1) Introduction: Building a Good Future for Singaporeans
1.2) Our Demographic Challenges and What These Mean To Us
1.3) A Sustainable Population Vision

2) Then, log in to using these credentials:
Email address:
Password: fLoOrch0196-

3) Go to the Forum section:

4) There are three topics already created, that have a post corresponding to the questions listed after the essay on each key issue. Provide feedback on those questions in the forum.

Let's do this by Oct 31 so we can get the feedback consolidated to the OSU.

Why are we doing this? 

Well, many of you have asked at various events, "Is SingaporeConnect funded by the Singapore Government?"
The answer is, "No".

The Government, however, has an arm, called the Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU), which seeks to connect with overseas Singaporeans. Through the OSU, we can highlight the large, diverse, and, contributive group of Singaporeans in the SF Bay Area. This can help lead to more events that the OSU organises in the SF Bay Area for the benefit of connecting Singaporeans back to Singapore, such as speaker series by distinguished guests and entertainers, and also, we hope, one day, the framework to help us do a "Singapore Day", or, at least, a "Mini Singapore Day", in the SF Bay Area. 

The engagement model we like is not for SingaporeConnect to take money and hold events with free makan. We want such events to be a win-win for both OSU and SingaporeConnect. From their view point, a win-win is when the event helps connect Singaporeans more with Singapore, and even better, demonstrates that overseas Singaporeans are an important demographic of the Singapore population. From our view point, a win-win is when we get more diverse events going, so as to give you appealing opportunities to interact and mingle together. 

You may have seen an article that was recently published in The Sunday Times, about overseas Singaporeans. 

To quote excerpts those two articles published on Oct 14:

27% rise in number of citizens overseas since 2003, with Australia the top draw

The number of Singaporeans living abroad has risen sharply over the past decade, with Australia, Britain, the United States and China being their main destinations. 
There were 200,000 citizens overseas as of June – a 27 per cent increase from 157,100 in 2003.
Most are between 20 and 54 years old, with slightly more women than men, stated the Population in Brief 2012 report published by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD) last month.
Singapore’s leaders have signalled concern about the number of citizens abroad for some time. 
In 2008, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong revealed that about one-quarter of top A-level students who go overseas to study or work do not return. This reduces the talent pool for political renewal, he said.
Through the Overseas Singaporean Unit set up in 2006, the Government has engaged overseas citizens to keep them connected.


By the way, SingaporeConnect was mentioned in a related article. Good thing we did a poll just a few months ago. :-)

280 clubs for those overseas
Date: Sunday, 14 October 2012
Page: 3
(C) Singapore Press Holdings Limited 

There are 280 Singaporean clubs and student associations in more than 120 cities globally and for many, food plays a key part in bringing Singaporeans together.
Take Singapore Connect, a group of about 200 Singaporeans in California’s San Francisco bay area.
It organises gatherings almost every month which often feature local favourites such as laksa and bak kut teh. Its president Mark Sin, 35, an engineer, said: “It’s easy to socialise and bond with friends with food.”
The group recently did a poll of the best Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian restaurants in the area and Shiok! Singapore Kitchen, run by Singaporean Dennis Lim, came up tops.
Singaporean clubs offer networking opportunities and also mutual aid, such as helping newcomers settle in. Most are in Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada, Britain and the United States, but there are also groups in countries across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 
The 300-strong Singapore Malay/Muslim Group in the United Arab Emirates has started doing charity work. 
It has built wells in Cambodia and Ghana and given bursaries to poor children in Singapore, Indonesia and other countries, said vice-president Bakhtiar Atan, 52, an engineer who moved to Dubai six years ago.
Theresa Tan

It is our hope that with SingaporeConnect, you can stay connected as Singaporeans, and connected to Singapore. 

We were unable to host an event this October for the feedback, but we hope you can contribute to the forum and let us do our part. Meanwhile, do watch out this November, for a very exciting event which SingaporeConnect will help host, where you can provide your feedback in person.


Nasi Lemak Mixer at Kopitiam Cafe

  • Saturday, October 6th, 2012 at 10am - 11:30am
    Location: Kopitiam Cafe, Milpitas


    There wasn't a Kopitiam Cafe ( mixer in September, as the…

Best Restaurant Survey Results are Out

E-mail sent by Singapore, Sunday, September 16th, 2012 @ 7:48pm

The SingaporeConnect web site has been updated with a page with the results of our 2012 Best Restaurant (Singaporean/Malaysian/Indonesian) Survey:
2012 Survey on Best Restaurants in the Bay Area

The next event is a member-led hike in Half Moon Bay this coming Saturday.

An easy way to review past event descriptions and photos is at this table. Like to see an event? Review the Wiki for a detailed list of past events and take a look at the event guide on how you can get more with SingaporeConnect.


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